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Jan 17, Karen rated it it was ok.

Primadonna Girl - Dean Winchester

Great premise Prince Edward falling in love at age 17 with a commoner and proposing marriage, only to have King George refuse. A fictional account obviously, but seemed to set the stage for real events that did happen when Prince Edward became king after King George's death, only to abdicate before his official coranation less than a year later when he opted to marry the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. Rebecca Dean's writing, however, leave a lot to be desired. Her sentence structure was of Great premise Her sentence structure was off, and her lack of imagination and word choice was very unappealing.

I wasted a good week of beach time reading on this book. Before I was even half way through, I kept sneaking reads from my husbands book of choice: George W. Feb 15, Shadoshard rated it liked it. David and Lily are both too young, too much of a cliche to find interesting or to really feel much for.

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But her sisters Marigold, Rose and Iris were worth the read. So were her cousin Rory and even Capt. Cullen incel that he was were pretty interesting. The writing flowed well and the themes were interesting, weaving well between the romance, the subject of English suffragettes and the intractability of the King who ignored it all.

Over all, it was an easy romp of a book. Aug 04, Rosemary rated it liked it. I actually liked this book more than I thought I would. The storyline was interesting and there were various sub-plots and enough characters to move the narrative along. It really made the scenario "what if David had been allowed to follow his heart" very believable. I realize this is fictional, but does have some grains of truth in it.

The monarchy might've taken a completely different turn if King George V wasn't such a hard ass. And fast forward 70 years-Prince Charles got similarly treated. Nov 22, MaryannC. Book Freak rated it really liked it Shelves: book-i-read-before-i-joined-goodrea , historical-fiction. I enjoyed this "what-if" novel of The Prince of Wales and his secret love with a commoner. May 27, Lisa rated it liked it. After noting the many 1- and 2-star reviews below, I assumed I wouldn't like this book but read it anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised. It is in no way a bio of Edward VIII, though it did include a lot of interesting information about his ancestors and lineage. Of the men involved in the Houghtons' lives, he was by far the most important, but all of their stories were interesting and I was After noting the many 1- and 2-star reviews below, I assumed I wouldn't like this book but read it anyway. Of the men involved in the Houghtons' lives, he was by far the most important, but all of their stories were interesting and I was glad they were all given time to develop.

I was glad Rose found Theo and he was able to stop Marigold from staying on the Titanic; I was glad Iris got what she wanted at least for the length of the book ; I was glad Lily did not destroy the bust of David, as I was afraid she might; I was glad Hal caught Rose before she left the party. Of course, these people were all works of fiction, but I was still glad the author didn't feel that she had to destroy one of them. Although if Piers had run his car off of a cliff, it would have been ok.

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DNF'd at pages. This really wasn't the book for me - I realised I wouldn't like it fairly early on, but it was still enjoyable in a 'so bad it's good kind of way'. Then it just became horrifically dull. Also remembered just after reading it that Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathiser, and nope, I cannot make myself care about someone like that. Maybe if it had just focused on Rose being a suffragette, then I would have been more interested. But the characters were shallow, the romance was insipi DNF'd at pages. But the characters were shallow, the romance was insipid, and the reader incredibly bored.

It was ok, however, the most interesting Houghton sister, Rose, and her suffragette connections etc was featured the least which I think was a mistake. More of Rose and less Marigold would have bumped this up to a 4 star. Apr 01, Marisol rated it it was amazing.

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Such beautifully written prose! As sad as the ending is, I can appreciate how the author left it all on a positive note. I even developed a soft spot for Theo, adulterer that he was! Jun 26, Marion Aranjo rated it really liked it. Aug 31, Andrea rated it liked it. I liked the history woven into the story. Rather romantic view of the prince. Aug 05, Alicia rated it really liked it. Loved this book. I find Prince Edward very fascinating and didn't know about this part of his life.

Cannot wait to read the next one! Outmaneuvering constrictions like playful children escaping from their nanny, the two teenagers share the joy of true friendship then the special excitement of that consuming, first sexual awareness that is uniquely theirs. The Golden Prince, while not the usual happy-ever-after love story, is a story that reveals a love that is willing to give up much to insure the future happiness of the loved one. The love David and Lily share makes the heart sing.

The inner strength and courage it engenders is memorable. The four Houghton girls, granddaughters of Lord May of Snowberry are unaware of his royal station in life when they invite him into their ordinary world, giving him friendship with no strings attached.

He can be himself without constraints. It is a special rite of passage time for the young prince. Lily, the youngest of the girls, is a magical, sparkling beauty with a joy for life.

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  6. She steals his heart, encourages him to be the best he can be, and loves him with all her young heart, even after she learns his true identity. A talented sculptor, Lily lives in her own artistic world much of the time, loved and protected by her family that is uneasy about her connection with the young man who will someday be king.

    The secondary characters are many in this novel that touches on political, social issues and mores of early twentieth-century England. Rose, the oldest is a suffragette and journalist that has no interest in men she says, but Hal Green, a reporter on Fleet Street, gives her an opportunity to write for the newspaper and accepts her for who she is. He gets her attention. She hides her hurts well, but feels deeply. Iris, the other sister, longs for a husband and family with a home of her own and wants them with Toby Mulholland, her first and only love.

    Rory, the cousin from Scotland that is more like a brother than cousin, plays a unique role in the scheme of things while all the time keeping his own council. Decisions about his life are made by his father, King of England, in conjunction with the political and church powers-that-be. David has no say about his own future life. When he does say what he wants, his father throws a temper tantrum to top all tantrums. With letters, phone calls, secret rendezvous, and help from French friends, David courts his darling Lily who gives him courage to use his position, charisma, and talents to make life better for all the people.

    With her as his cheerleader, he feels he can withstand the rigors of his duties and responsibilities that had at one time seemed unbearable. Rebecca Dean creates a fascinating story of changing social structures, entitlement feelings of the aristocracy, political machinations, and the immeasurable impact love or the lack of love can have on events and lives. The Golden Prince is not the standard HEA but it gives the reader the feeling all is unfolding just as it was destined in order for true happiness and fulfillment to come for each and every one of the characters whose lives are woven together in this beautiful tapestry of a tale.

    Mar 06, Stephanie rated it liked it. I very much liked the way this book was written-the way it used some real people from the past british monarchy and added its own elements to it. I also liked the way there were 4 sisters in the story, and therefore 4 separate, yet interlinking subplots, all of which contained intriguing characters.

    The character of Rose is a suffragete, battling the law for womens rights, yet also battling with herself as she finds herself falling in love, something which a suffragete should not do as this mean I very much liked the way this book was written-the way it used some real people from the past british monarchy and added its own elements to it.

    The character of Rose is a suffragete, battling the law for womens rights, yet also battling with herself as she finds herself falling in love, something which a suffragete should not do as this means surrendering independence. Marigold is a provocative young woman, who at 19 has lost her virginity outside marriage and who craves being in the spotlight at all times. I dont know whether we are supposed to like Marigold or not, as she is rather attention seeking and scandalous, which she seems to enjoy, but there are often times where i almost feel sorry for her, particularly towards the end when her 3 sisters seem happy with their love life and she is not.

    I like the character of Iris, as she is meant to be the plain Jane of the family, yet still finds love in her male friend who she has known since birth, although doubt is cast over their potential marriage at one point, which is a time when i felt terribly sorry for Iris, as being the plain Jane thinks she wont ever get a proposal of marriage from anyone, which breaks her heart as all she wants is to be married and have children. Lily Houghton is a character to be liked, although i find it a bit annoying that she has 3 different men in love with her yet seems to be oblivious to it even when it is obvious.

    There is a naivity in her also which is often enderaring yet sometimes i get frustrated at how innocent she can seem. One of the men who is in love with her is the equerry to the Prince, who is definately not a likeable person-rather the opposite-who becomes obsessed with her and loathes the Prince of Wales for having Lily love him. However, i would like to know what happened to this man, Piers, because after an incident towards the end of the book he just completely disappears, which leaves me wondering what exactly he did when he had his heart broken, although we are aware that he wants to hurt the Prince.

    Prince Edward I often feel sorry for, as he feels trapped by the world he has been born into, something which he is willing to sacrifice for the woman he loves, as shes the only one who makes his life bearable. Although, I do get frustrated at him thinking it would be easy for him to marry someone who is not of royal blood. The ending of the very book i found very sad, as there is a mention of the Titanic, and the man who Marigold was going to run off to america with as she wanted to be a movie star was killed when it sunk, trying to save the women and children.

    This part particularly filled me with sadness, as i am aware that sinilar things happened when the Titanic sank in realityy. I also felt the Prince's sadness and the end of the book when he made his final resolution. I did enjoy this book, and i would recommend it to anyone who likes historical novels, although perhaps not for those who like historical romance novels as there are not many of the intimate scenes that romance novel readers such as myself like in a book-they are mentioned but not described.

    An enjoyable book all in all! May 24, Kayse rated it liked it Shelves: romance , historical-fiction , reviewed. The trouble with stories set in the past—those based on real people and real events—is that you already know their destiny before you reach the final pages.

    Elizabeth Blackwell

    This especially goes for a story as well-known as that of King Edward VIII—the English monarch who famously abdicated from the throne in favor of marrying Wallis Simpson, an American woman who was wholly unacceptable to be queen due to her twice divorced status. Circumstances led David and his unlikable equerry, Piers Cullen into meeting and quickly befriending the Houghton family, comprised of four flowery-named sisters, Rose, Iris, Marigold, and Lily, and their grandfather.

    Dec 20, Tanya rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own-it , historical-fiction , giveaways. Yep, another first reads win! Looking at this book purely as a work of fiction, I greatly enjoyed it. Each of the Houghton sisters had her own unique and intriguing personality, and I found myself rooting for every one of them. The plot moved swiftly and I repeatedly read "just one more chapter.

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    Edward VIII was a real person, and I have issues with inserting an entirely fictional romance into his life, especially one that was written to be so life-changing. In the preface Dean explains that the young Edward did fall in love and want to marry a non-royal decades before his abdication to marry Wallis Simpson , but the true circumstances were entirely different from Dean's fictional account. A part of me feels she shouldn't have written this book at all, but should have done some original historical research and written about Edward's real romance.

    Certainly making a story up out of whole cloth is the easy way out. What can I say, the academic and the romantic in me can't see eye to eye on this one! Okay, this has been bugging me and I feel the need to add that Dean reveals her lack of deep research when she has Lily and Rory calling banns for their marriage, then worrying that during those 3 weeks Edward would somehow hear of their upcoming nuptials. People of wealth were much more likely to marry by license, which required no waiting period, but required a fee.

    This was particularly the case with a pregnant bride. Writing in a calling of banns seems an attempt to show a little knowledge of British customs, but in the end reveals how shallow that knowledge actually is. Dec 20, Phyllis rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. In this informal setting, the four sisters grow up in an atmosphere of love and more freedom than most young women in England enjoy.

    Prince Edward, heir to the throne, grows up in an atmosphere of isolation without friends and only his siblings for companionship. Even at Dartmouth, he does not have friend. The details of his life and future are planned and arranged for him by his father. He is expected to obey without any question. One day as Prince Edward is driving from Dartmouth to Windsor, he takes a curve too fast and too wide and runs into Rose on her bicycle. Taking her home to Snowberry, he is amazed at the beauty of the estate, the informality of life there, and the friendship the sisters show him even after learning his identity.

    Through more secret visits, he falls deeply in love with Lily, the youngest sister. Lily also falls in love with Prince Edward or David, as he has asked the sisters to call him. Their feelings for each other are kept secret even as they are growing. Even though Lily is an aristocrat, she is not of royal blood and, therefore, not suitable for a royal prince. David feels that he cannot survive without Lily beside him and asks her to marry him. They know there will be obstacles but David feels he can bring his father, the King, around to give his consent.

    When the King is determined David will marry a royal princess he picks, David tells Lily he will abdicate his position if that is the only way they can be together. Lily knows it is his destiny to be King and takes steps to remove herself from his life. The Golden Prince brims with historical details, romance, and drama; Rebecca Dean combines all these ingredients into a very entertaining novel.

    May 12, Rebecca rated it it was ok.

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    5. Ok so this was a tough one for me. It started off really good. It was entertaining and was well written. Here are my issues, the story is based on a real historical figure who we know quite a lot about and a fictional girl named Lily. The basis of the story is this, how will Prince Edward and Lily manage to be together when David Prince Edward is a Royal and as such can on Ok so this was a tough one for me.

      The basis of the story is this, how will Prince Edward and Lily manage to be together when David Prince Edward is a Royal and as such can only marry a Royal Lily is well born, but not royal. It made all their declarations of love etc hopeless in my mind because we all know that he ends up abdicating to marry Wallis Simpson who he was wildly in love with! So we know that they will never be together. Another thing that bothered me was that closer to the end all these sub-plots were written in, and they were big deals!

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      Like Marigold almost voyaging on the Titanic after a quick one page meeting with an American This could be a very interesting story all in it's own and it seemed that so much of it was brushed over. And Rose being a part of the suffragette movement and meeting a man which in one page she vows she can't date, to the next page she is walking arm and arm with him happy that they will be married. This sort of writing always has me rolling my eye's because it just cheapens the main story, and is not realistic in any way. Usually I am a huge fan of historical novel's that shed a bit of light onto characters from the past, but only if they stick to historical fact.

      Eg: Philipa Gregory I feel like this was written by two different people. The first part of the book had lots of potential, the last part 'tanked' in my opinion! I was really disappointed because I loved her first book 'Palace Circle'. Dec 01, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , vine. This book combines historical fiction, romance, tragedy and a voyeuristic look into the life of English royalty. David, aka Edward, Prince of Wales finds the tedium of royal obligations suffocating until fate connects him to the Houghton family.

      He forms instant friendship with the four sisters: Rose, the ardent suffragist, Marigold who exudes sensuality and scandal, pragmatic Iris and warm-hearted Lily whom every man seems to fall helplessly in love with, including David. The meticulous descriptiveness of clothing, pomp and propriety was mildly tedious, as was the many references to other European royalty.

      Remembering that a majority of them were related, a genealogical tree of some sorts would have been helpful to keep track of the various German cousins and the myriad descendants of Queen Victoria. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Amazon Vine program. Jan 02, Pam Brown rated it really liked it. I liked the book more as I went on. The general premise is entirely plausible, but the details seemed contrived. But then I started wondering, how else could it have happened?

      If you saw the movie "The King's Speech" you've been introduced to some of the characters. The story centers on Prince Edward, known to intimates as David, when he was a young man. The heir to the throne of England would prefer a less structured life. Especially, he does not want an arranged marriage. We know that eventua I liked the book more as I went on. It's entirely plausible that he fell in love with someone "unsuitable" in his younger days and was forbidden to marry. This is even stated as fact in the Author's Note at the beginning of the book.

      The very idea of arranged marriages is a staggering notion for most of us in modern times, yet it's a reality some people have had to deal with, especially among royalty. Early on I thought the story was a bit sappy and sweet. I expected it to be brainless and predictable. Then it branched out into other, intertwining stories, each one of which had its own surprises.

      By the end of the book my heart was full of sympathy and compassion for a wide variety of flawed people. Who are we to judge others? Meanwhile, it was also rich in historical detail, some of it fairly personal, bringing bygone times to life. If it's tedious to read about ceremonial protocol, what must it be like to have to perform to those standards? What must it be like to look forward to a life time of endless protocol?

      Dec 14, Logan rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction-historical , arcs-freebies , This is one I snatched off the shelves at work. I was excited to read it—pretty much anything set between and will grab my attention, and The Golden Prince seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The romance in question has been completely fabricated by Dean, though it is based on Edward's hopeless love affair with This is one I snatched off the shelves at work. The romance in question has been completely fabricated by Dean, though it is based on Edward's hopeless love affair with the daughter of the Duke of Sutherland in Essentially, Edward falls in love and determines to marry the girl of his choosing, but is prevented from doing so by his father's refusal to give his royal approval of the match.

      Drama and angst ensue. Jurors heard how the fight over the path had prompted the Dawsons to complain to police about Mr Dean, saying he was damaging their property. Mrs Dean, the head at Hunningley Primary School, said he regularly visited an area called Bagger Wood and built scarecrows among the trees. Jurors were told about a series of incidents centring on accusations that Mr Dean was trying to entice children to go into the woods with him.

      She added that in June , four youths smashed their way into their home at night with three attacking her husband, who was sleeping on downstairs and one going upstairs to assault her, leaving her with a broken nose. Scott and Carol Dawson, of Barnsley, were emotionless as the guilty verdicts were heard with Mrs Dean looking on the from public gallery above.

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