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The Merchant House

The smart IntelliFlux technology has changed the paradigm and now enables these radically different waters to be cleaned up reliably and affordably. Water Planet and Sweetwater originally demonstrated the facility to local governmental regulators and oil producers during the spring of to provide assurance to all parties regarding the technical feasibility and assurances regarding the treated water quality.

Why waste a valuable water resource by injecting it deep in the earth where it is lost forever? However, the uniqueness is that this system can reliably accept a wide range of influent water qualities while producing a consistent effluent water quality and at a cost that makes sense. Produced water is water that comes out of the ground when oil and gas are extracted, often in quantities that dwarf the relative amounts of hydrocarbons produced.

STR has focused on sustainable "produced water" solutions that are environmentally diligent, meet the strictest regulatory requirements and establish renewable resources. For more information, visit www.

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How isLife on Merchant Navy ships. Rooms, Food, Water, Entertainment, games gym etc.

Breakfast Menu. Lunch Menu. New Six Course Tasting Menu. Nine Course Tasting Menu. Set Dinner Menu. A La Carte Menu. Afternoon Tea.

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Vegetarian Afternoon Tea. Gluten Allergy Afternoon Tea.

Nut Allergy Afternoon Tea.